At Maxient, we’re proud of the fact that our best sales people are often our clients!  Talk to them and you’ll hear exactly what it’s like to be supported by the most pro-active and tireless tech team in the industry.  Below are a few select quotes, but we’ll be happy to provide you with additional references and contact information as you investigate joining our client family.

“In addition to a remarkable product for managing our student conduct system at the University of Miami, with Maxient the level of service that we get is unmatchable. Not only do they respond to any questions we may have with lightning speed and provide regular updates to their product without our having to ask – not to mention ever having to pay extra for improvements and updates – they always go the extra mile. I know I can trust that every one of the staff members at Maxient will not only pick up the phone when I call, but they will be able to help me with any questions or campus-specific improvements that I might be able to dream up. Working with them is quite honestly one of the best customer service experiences that I have ever had.”

Dr. Tony Lake
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Affairs
University of Miami

“Maxient is a great one stop shop for all of our conduct needs – from the creation of initial reports, through the charges, meetings, sanctions and appeal stages to analyzing emerging trends.  If you are looking for a user friendly, customizable comprehensive conduct solution Maxient is it.  We could not be more pleased with the product and the customer service.”

Laurie Berry
Director of Housing and Residence Life
University of Southern Indiana

“Let’s face it…we are in the technological age and there are several student conduct database vendors on the market. With so many options of products that, for the most part, do the same thing what sets one out above the rest? Customer service. With Maxient, not only do you get a great product, with unlimited potential, customization and ongoing upgrades, you get a team committed to going above and beyond to ensure that you and your process feel valued. Your campus conduct process can truly can reach its Max(ient) potential and beyond with Conduct Manager.”

Ryan D. Garcia
Director, Office of Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities
University of San Francisco

“Everyday that I use Maxient feels like Christmas, so thank you and your amazing team for all you’ve done!”

Sara Ash
Student Conduct Administrator
Purdue University Calumet

“Maxient has truly been a life saver for us. It has helped us to streamline our conduct process, improve communication between departments at our college, and it has helped us to spend much less time on the administrative aspects of the conduct process and focus more on what matters-having meaningful conversations and interactions with our students.”

Amanda L. Mullen
Coordinator of Student Conduct Services
Marietta College

“We have been utilizing Maxient software for several years and its capabilities have been a tremendous asset to our processes. It is easy to track a student’s history with this database and tell what has been done with that student’s case from beginning to end. We get asked to generate a variety of statistics on information regarding our office’s case load, specific violations, certain student groups, etc, and Maxient makes it easy to pull those numbers without wasting hours and days of valuable staff time. Additionally, as our office responsibilities have grown, the staff at Maxient have been great partners to help us customize the database to meet our needs. They are a wonderful resource for us and make our administrative work much easier!”

Kelly Eifert
Director of Academic Integrity
University of South Carolina

“The customer service that Maxient provides is off the charts!”

Trey Cashon
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Technical Support
Georgia Southern University