“Maxient has absolutely changed the way in which our Division of Student Development and campus partners track student progress, keep records, and monitor student concerns. It is safe, secure, and reliable! We started small with one office, but have since expanded use to incorporate over twenty different campus offices. The use of Maxient on our campus reaches across all levels of administration and assists everyone in our campus community. Maxient is a user friendly software that is adaptable to any campus and is able to satisfy the varying needs of our campus partners in order for them to remain in compliance. From regional and national conference to the one-on-one assistance that Maxient provides, I cannot imagine a better company in which to be connected. The University of Richmond is grateful to be and has remained a loyal client since 2011!”

Patrick Benner
Director, Residence Life & Undergraduate Student Housing
University of Richmond

“My first day on the job included Maxient training as our campus made the transition from a home grown system. From day one, the Maxient staff have provided our campus with a high level of customer service. Not only have they provided a high level of customer service but they have also provided us with guidance which has helped to streamline what we are doing as conduct professionals. I know that when I ask a question to the Maxient staff that they will place a high level of importance on my inquiry. I can also share that when I do have a question it is more like asking a friend or colleague versus a service representative.”

Andrea Weber
Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Student Conduct
Missouri State University

“Nearly 10 years ago, I went out to bid for a student conduct database to replace the paper-only process at the small state school I worked for. I initially hoped to procure a system that would serve simply as a mechanism for creating an electronic filing system for student conduct records.  I would soon discover that Maxient could meet this need and so much more.  I value providing holistic support to students.  To that end, I have discovered Maxient’s product and staff are deeply invested in aligning with the values of passionate student affairs administrators who seek to address the many challenges that can arise within the student experience.  As I have worked to earn progressively responsible leaderships roles within various institution types, a school’s current use or desire to potentially acquire Maxient has always been an essential part in helping me determine my desire to serve within a campus community. Why? Because I am at my best, as a student affairs professional, when I have the backing of the best student affairs software I have come across.”

Sean Bogle
Dean of Student Affairs and Activities
Foothill College

“I recall contacting Maxient many years ago to inquire about adopting Maxient. From the moment of that first call through today, I felt like my needs have been treated as a priority. Through top-notch customer service and a personal touch to conducting business, Maxient makes their clients feel like a part of the family. Family, is the best way I can describe the company, interacting with Maxient staff, and attending Maxient events. Since that first call, I have had the opportunity to work with the Maxient platform on three different campuses. Through the adoption and implementation phase to on-going support, the Maxient team worked with me to make using Maxient as seamless as possible. In addition to a phenomenal product, I have found Maxient staff to be very open to suggestion and to requests for functionality. Maxient is a company who truly appreciates and cares about their clients.”

Dr. Matt Gregory
Dean of Students
Texas Tech University

“The Office of Student Conduct at our institution recently expanded and with that expansion we embarked upon establishing new policies, protocols, sanctions and charges. The existing framework of Maxient and all its bells and whistles allowed us to reach all the goals we set out to achieve. Maxient was with us every step of the way during this project. This project could not be successful without the support of the Maxient staff to answer our questions and guide us through developing new reports, sanctions and processes. The staff at Maxient brought their A-game every time. It’s a little “Inside Baseball”, but the merging functions of Maxient mean no detail is missed. I can write a letter about almost anything and know that the important pieces of the case that need to be in that letter will be there. I cannot tell you how many times I breathe a sigh of relief when I look at a letter that was sent and see that everything that needed to be there was there.”

JP Carr
Case Manager
West Chester University of Pennsylvania

“Santa Fe College has been using Maxient since 2013.  Originally secured to support Student Conduct and the Behavioral Intervention Team, Maxient has been a force multiplier in enabling us to organize hundreds of students’ files and streamline communication within the team and with students.  Maxient’s excellent interface and easy customization allows us to use the software for several other purposes – including the Disciplinary Admissions process, Title IX/Equity issues, general student complaints, and more.  The built-in analytic tools make data collection and regular reporting a snap, and we appreciate the great customer service!”

Dan Rodkin
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Santa Fe College

“Maxient is a great one stop shop for all of our conduct needs – from the creation of initial reports, through the charges, meetings, sanctions, and appeal stages to analyzing emerging trends. If you are looking for a user friendly, customizable comprehensive conduct solution Maxient is it. We could not be more pleased with the product and the customer service.”

Laurie Berry
Director of Housing and Residence Life
University of Southern Indiana