We can’t do it alone

Creating the premier software to manage student conduct at colleges and universities takes more than top technical expertise and fantastic customer service. Our association with leaders in the field has enabled us to stay abreast of the latest trends and incorporate them into our offerings. As the discipline continues to evolve, so will we. It’s what we believe in and it guides our business.

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The National Center for Higher Education Risk Management is a multidisciplinary risk management consulting firm dedicated to best practices for campus health and safety.  With an emphasis on best practices for policy, training, and educational programming as proactive risk management, NCHERM specializes in advancing culture change strategies and problem-solving for the tough issues colleges and universities face today. NCHERM serves 30 campuses as legal counsel, and has consulted with 750 colleges and universities across the country since it was formed in 2000. visit site


Academic Integrity Seminar

The Academic Integrity Seminar is a demanding, personalized online seminar targeted to colleges and universities nationwide for students in violation of honor codes and student codes of conduct. Seminars are conducted online through personalized e-mail interaction between students and tutors. The seminar is designed as a key component of college and university ethical development programming with a focus on self-examination of the importance of trust, self-discipline and mutual obligation to individuals and societies. visit site


Maxient belongs to the InCommon Federation.  It is a collection of organizations that have agreed to interoperate using an common set of rules, particularly in the areas of privacy and security. Because of these agreements, federation members do not have to negotiate individually with every other member. Federations also agree on standard methods for authentication and authorization, using single sign-on technology. visit site