Maxient Includes It All

Had enough of being charged for every little thing? We feel the same way.  It seems like every time you turn around companies are charging you a “convenience” fee here or an “add-on” fee there.

With Maxient, our pricing is upfront, straight forward and includes everything.  We don’t do “modules” or “add-ons”.  Our data feeds are complete without you having to pay extra and, yes, that includes schedules and student ID photos.  We don’t charge you for support or custom reports.  Upgrades are automatic and free.  Here we believe in real value.  When we give a price, you can rely on all the features coming with it.  See below for a list of just a few things that are included:

  • Complete data feed of student demographics
  • Student photos
  • Student schedules
  • Nightly backups
  • Custom reports
  • Unlimited support