• Thoughts from Maxient in Charlottesville

    Dear Young Person

    As many of you know, we are headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. Last weekend, our city was invaded by hate and violence that runs counter to everything for which we as a company stand. Our beautiful pedestrian mall — where hundreds of you joined us for MaxFest barely two months ago — became a scene of tragedy and a focal point of our national pain. In the days that have followed, many of you have emailed or submitted tickets to offer your thoughts and prayers, check on our well-being, and to ask if there’s anything you can do to help.

    As part of my broader involvement in this community, I serve on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge. While we adults can turn to the news, social media, or gather for vigils to help us process these events, our young people cannot. I know first-hand the challenges thousands of Charlottesville children were already facing prior to this weekend. We cannot let the scenes they witnessed in our community become their image of the broader world.

    Our agency has launched an initiative we’re calling #DearYoungPerson, to get postcard messages of self-worth and hope into their hands. The campaign has begun to spread not only in our community but across social media, and we’re starting to see cards written and sent from all around the world. These cards will be distributed by us directly and personally to the children of our city. It’s a quick and simple way to share your positive messages and know they will be impactful.

    With students moving back to your campuses, the events of this weekend will be on their minds and surely the topic of much conversation. My first job in higher ed was as a resident advisor, so I know and respect the power of student affairs professionals to engage their communities in social good. If you are willing and have the venue — perhaps an activity on your residence hall floor, a kiosk in your student union, an icebreaker during a staff meeting — I’d be honored to have your help and your voice to show the children of Charlottesville that there’s a bigger world out there that cares about them.

    We want to make this as easy as possible. Maxient will cover all the printing and postage costs for our clients, and have ready-to-write postcards shipped straight to you. All you have to do is rally your community to write messages and drop them back into a mailbox. If you believe you can help, please email support@maxient.com, tell me how many cards you need, and provide me your mailing address. If you’re eager to start and don’t need us to furnish the postcards, you can send them right now to the address in the graphic shown above. And if you’re active on social media, show the world your campus’s involvement with the hashtag #DearYoungPerson and tweeting @BBBSOCBR.

    I have always believed that Maxient clients, much like our hometown of Charlottesville, are a community. Working together, we can stand up to bigotry and encourage our young people, helping make the future a more positive, inclusive place. I hope you will join us.


    Aaron Hark, Co-Owner

  • Maxient is hiring!

    October 23, 2015 Candice Hark Uncategorized


    UPDATE: 11/30/2015 – We are no longer accepting applications for this position.  Applications that have already been submitted are in the review process. There was a wave of response to this posting so patience is appreciated as we give each application the attention it deserves.


    Maxient is the leading provider of student conduct software for higher education. Through 12 years of growth, we’ve built an incredibly loyal client base thanks to our dedicated staff and legendary support.  We’re looking to expand our staff, specifically adding one or more people to our campus training team.

    This position is entry-level in our company and will report to our Lead Trainer. The folks who tend to be the best fit in this role have worked in conduct enough to have a good understanding of the field, but aren’t necessarily on the leadership ladder yet as a Director or Dean.  Perhaps you’ve been a really good GA but haven’t yet landed a full-time conduct job.  Or you’ve worked in housing or as a Coordinator of Student Conduct and really like Maxient, but are ready for a new career challenge. This position is travel-intensive. You will potentially travel up to 50% of your time, during busy periods (e.g. summer) you may be away from home for as much as a week straight, and your work will not be confined to a 9-to-5. If seeing different campuses across this great land, earning a lot of frequent flier miles, and living out of a carry-on gets you excited, read on.



    Prior experience using Maxient is a *must*, so if you haven’t personally used it and been excited to teach Maxient to your colleagues, let’s save each other some time. The successful Maxient team member is a detail-oriented problem solver, adept with our software and comfortable with technology in general. They are a self-directed learner who is articulate, confident, and exhibits a professional image befitting of our company and the field. They are patient and friendly with colleagues and clients alike, and have superb interpersonal skills. For this particular position, comfort presenting to groups both large and small, while being respectful of the administrative structure, diverse technical abilities, and sensitivities of your audience is essential. Lastly, you must be able to pass a drug test and background check.



    Aside from rewarding work with a fun, talented group of people, perhaps the best perk of being a Maxient team member is that you will work remotely and live anywhere you choose. Our vacation policy is self-regulated; we expect you to manage your own schedule so that the work gets done and you take the time you need to be happy and healthy. You’ll be judged on results and your contribution to the team, not your hours on the clock. We offer full health benefits with employee premiums covered 100% by the company, a 401k with a 6% match, and approved professional development to help you grow your skills. Since we are scattered across the country, we also get together at least annually to team build … and that never happens in a dull location. Monetary compensation is dependent upon the unique knowledge, skills, and experience you bring to the team. That said, we compensate our team members well, and reward hard work and outstanding performance.



    1) Front-line client interactions, including answering support tickets, emails, and phone calls accurately and efficiently.

    2) Hosting periodic webinars to assist in individual support requests or for broader training of the user base.

    3) Authoring help forum topics and creating short support videos to enhance our forum-based support.

    4) Presenting at our national users’ conference, MaxFest.



    Masters degree or higher
    Experience as a teacher, trainer, or facilitator of professional development
    Preference may be given for individuals living more centrally in the US, as opposed to states along one of the coasts.



    Apply online via our web form. We are fortunate to receive many applications every time we look to expand our team. Therefore, it’s essential that you provide a cover letter that stands out and makes us want to interview you. Give us insight into your personality, and help us understand why you would be an excellent addition to our team. We will acknowledge your application with an email, but please refrain from making subsequent inquiries about your status. Time is of the essence. Application reviews will begin immediately, and we anticipate hiring by January 1, 2016. All applications will be retained for future openings and revisited where we believe there might be a good fit. No recruiters/headhunters, and no phone calls.

    Good luck and we look forward to working with you — either as a continuing client or a new team member!

    Application form: We are not longer accepting applications for this position.

  • Maxient Attends ACSD Conference in Chicago

    Representatives from the Maxient team are traveling to Chicago, IL June 1-4 to participate in the Association for Christians in Student Development’s annual conference.  Our first time at this conference, we are excited to meet with current and potential clients in this great American city.

    If you or your colleagues will participating in this year’s conference, please feel free to stop by our booth to say, “Hello!” and grab a button.

  • MaxFest 2014 Kicks off!

    MaxFest began in grand fashion yesterday with a packed house for both Bootcamp, our beginning user training, and the opening talk.  New and returning users who could use a little refresher were led through workflow and administrative features so they could return to campus more confident and educated users.

    The evening culminated with the opening talk, lead by Aaron and Candice.  They highlighted successes and challenges from the last year and debuted new features, both those upcoming and those that launched that day.  To keep up the conference, which continues through June 11, follow #MaxFest on Twitter.

    MaxFest Bootcamp

  • Join us in Cville for MaxFest 2014!

    January 13, 2014 Candice Hark Uncategorized

    This year, Charlottesville, VA will play host to your favorite conference of the year… MaxFest! June 9-11, student conduct professionals from around the country will descend on this hidden gem at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains for gather, share, and learn about the best software product in the industry.

    MaxFest is Maxient’s annual user conference and is packed with information and support to help you become a more educated user. Attendees learn from the Maxient staff as well as their peers in the field about how to get the most out of the software. Plus, there’s a healthy dose of networking and fun rolled in, too! It’s everything you love about Maxient live, and packed into two days.

    Registration schedule

    Early Bird rate now through Feb. 7
    Standard rate
    Feb. 8 – May 2
    Late rate after May 2

    MaxFest is only for current Maxient clients.  For full details, registration information and a link to get signed up, please see the help system within our software or send your questions to info@maxient.com.