Making Our Way to ASCA

January 31, 2012 Candice Hark News

It’s mid-winter and at Maxient that means gearing up for conference season. Over the coming months, we’ll make our way back and forth across the country as the large national conferences hold their annual events. Keep an eye out for us at NASPA, ACPA, & ACUHO-I, but it’s ASCA that starts it all.

Each year we flee the cold in Charlottesville for the warmer climes of St. Petersburg and the Association of Student Conduct Administrators’ annual conference. For us, it’s an opportunity to visit with current clients and espouse the virtues of all we have to offer to those interested in having the best software on the market.  As the flagship conference for the student conduct world, there are certainly plenty of student affairs professionals there who are focused on the same thing we are: student conduct.

We believe that focus gives us the edge in the market.  We worked in the field first and then built a software product around that experience.  Those who are as devoted to the field as we are can see it in the workflow and the attention to detail incorporated from the ground up. Those who wear many hats in their jobs appreciate the benefit they get from working with a company who has already thought of all the bells and whistles that they didn’t even know that they needed. Whatever your daily experience with student conduct is, you can always benefit from with the software experts in the field.

So as a software company that only works in student conduct, we always look forward to the conference that does the same.  It’s a great professional experience and also happens to be a lot of fun, too!  Because even though the St. Petersburg waters may be too chilly for a dip, we still love to play a mean game of volleyball!  See you on the sand!


Candice Hark