• Maxient responds to misleading claims in the marketplace

    December 1, 2010 Aaron Hark News

    December 1, 2010

    Schools buy software products with the best of intentions. Occasionally, things don’t work out and they switch to another product. It’s a fact of life and of the software industry — except it just hasn’t happened to Maxient.

    You read that right: Maxient has NEVER lost a client to a competitor.

    For more than seven years, Maxient has been the go-to product for colleges and universities nationwide who need a powerful, reliable, and affordable way of tracking student conduct and behavior-related concerns. Our customer service is incredible and our reputation in the marketplace unmatched. Thanks to that we’ve seen our client base grow every month as schools purchase software for the first time or switch from another product. It seems surprising to love a software company, but that’s precisely the sentiment that so many of our customers express about Maxient. We’re thankful for their business and we work hard to earn it every day.

    As a company we’re focused exclusively on the fields of student conduct and behavioral intervention/threat assessment. These comprise a profession with a strong foundation in the concepts of ethics, honesty, integrity, and fairness. Just as you uphold those ideals in your daily work and expect them from your students, you have every right to expect them from a software provider doing business in this field. If you take a call or an email from someone claiming that Maxient’s customers have switched to them, ask for the proof. Demand names, and when none are forthcoming, demand honesty.

    Aaron Hark
    Director of Product Development and Co-Owner, Maxient LLC