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With one all-inclusive price, you can grow into the various uses of Maxient without growing your expenses. Conduct, Title IX, care and concern, academic integrity, and more are all covered.

User Friendly

We build the system to get you started and empower you with tools to customize the system to your needs.

Legendary Support

Maxient has focused on one product for more than 19 years. Built and supported by professionals from the field, we’ve been in your shoes. No software provider is more knowledgeable or more respected.

The Industry Leader

With more than 1300 client schools, Maxient is the most trusted provider for incident reporting and behavior records management

About Maxient

What is Maxient?

Whether it’s student discipline, academic integrity, care and concern, or Title IX matters, Maxient provides a place to easily manage records for your student body’s conduct and well-being. Modern colleges and universities are complex organizations. By improving communication and collaboration across the institution, Maxient helps to identify students in need of assistance and coordinate the efforts of departments to provide follow-up.

What Maxient is not …

Maxient does not set policy for our client schools. Each school determines the types of records they store in the platform and how they gather that information. They control who can access the system and for how long records will be retained … exactly as they do with the myriad other records every school keeps (e.g. grades, financial aid, complaints, etc.). By law and contract, records stored in Maxient are the property of the institutions that create them. Maxient does not utilize them, nor do we have the power to disclose them to anyone else. Maxient does not utilize artificial intelligence, predictive models, nor any scoring systems.

More than 1300 colleges and universities rely on Maxient every single day.

Our clients range from small private liberal arts colleges to the nation’s largest public institutions. Traditional four-year universities and community and technical colleges alike turn to Maxient. We count among our client family specialty schools for the arts, aeronautics, health sciences, military, and even two that float around the world on boats! Entire state systems and individual districts also rely on Maxient to help them share data in a FERPA-compliant manner.

We’re the only product that was built from the ground up by practitioners from the field. And it shows.

When Maxient was founded in 2003, we sought to take the paper-pushing and tedium out of student affairs, freeing up time for more impactful student interactions. Today, every member of our team comes from the field and shares that desire. The challenges facing student affairs professionals have never been greater. Consider the record keeping challenges you face, learn more about what we offer below, and let’s see if Maxient could improve operations on your campus!

Questions, concerns, or media inquiries?

Give us an opportunity to answer them. Please reach out through the Contact link at the top right, and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

Feature Rich

  • Receive reports

    Create your own online reporting forms, tailored by purpose and routed based on report content.

  • Communication tools

    Rich text electronic letters with pickup notification and text messaging.

  • The numbers you need

    Powerful analytics and dashboards along with a custom reporting engine for constructing analytics on-demand. Robust Clery features.

  • Connected

    Integrate with Banner, PeopleSoft, Workday, Colleague, Jenzabar, and more. Class schedules and ID photos available on-screen. Campus single sign-on and MFA supported!

  • Need to know

    Case-based access restrictions and extensive audit trails of user activity.

  • Built by our team

    Our software developers are in-house. Have a feature idea? You’ll speak with the people who actually write the code.

  • Support is included

    Unlimited phone, email, and online support. Comprehensive video guides, regular webinars, regional events, and an annual conference to help expand your skills.

  • Proactive Upgrades

    Our software evolves with the legal and professional demands of the fields we serve. Maxient’s features are built to help you answer the questions you’ll be asked tomorrow.

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Why Choose Maxient?

Training? We come to your campus. Support? We're a phone call away. Under investigation? Let us help you compile data. Our team works tirelessly to make you look good and your processes run smoothly.

We maintain one product: this one.  You won't have to deal with "features" clearly designed for a different purpose, or a support person who knows career services better than conduct. Each member of our team previously handled conduct at a college or university. We know our software, we know your work, and we combine that knowledge to make your life easier.

Your data is never stored outside our borders. (An exception for our Canadian friends: We can store your data in Canada!) Every character of software code is written, and every support call handled, by one of our expert staff members right here in the United States. When you have a technical issue or want to make a feature suggestion, you'll speak with people who can personally help.

Our contracts use fair terms for a fair duration, without "gotcha" clauses or multi-year autorenewals. You own your data, plain and simple. Should we ever part ways, your data comes back to you in a usable format without hassle or any additional fees. We won't misuse it while it's in our trust, and we won't retain copies of it after you've left.

Event Calendar

Current clients have access to a calendar of events that is renewed throughout the year.

Click to learn more about the types of events we hold.

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You’ve heard about it from your colleagues: It’s the most informative and fun professional conference they have ever attended. “MaxFest is the one conference that provides practical advice

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