Behavior Intervention Team Association

NaBITA brings together professionals from multiple disciplines who are engaged in the essential function of behavioral intervention on college campuses for mutual support and shared learning. Whether it is to combat bullying, prevent violence, support individuals with disabilities, empower the success of those suffering from mental health challenges, or assist those who are in crisis, NaBITA members are joined in common purpose and exploration of best practices.

An active and engaging association, NaBITA hosts an annual conference, an annual Campus Threat Management Certification Institute, publishes a regular newsletter, maintains a listserv, and provides frequent webinars to members and non-members. NaBITA is a clearinghouse for more than 180 BIT-related model policies, training tools, templates, and other BIT-related materials.

Maxient is the only company authorized to incorporate into its products the NaBITA threat assessment rubric, widely recognized as the industry standard.