See what hundreds of institutions across the nation have already discovered

Maxient is the best solution for helping institutions connect the dots and prevent students from falling through the cracks. Whether it’s judicial affairs, academic integrity, or CARE team records, Conduct Manager has you covered. By tracking all of these matters within one system, Maxient offers a single system providing you with details on all aspects of a student’s conduct and behavior at your institution.

Who uses Conduct Manager?

More than 200 colleges and universities across the country, that’s who!  Our clients range from small private liberal arts colleges to some of the largest public institutions in the nation.  Traditional four-year universities and community and technical colleges alike turn to Maxient.  We have specialty schools for the arts, for aeronautics, and even two that float around the world on boats!  Many of our schools are individual institutions, but we also work within entire state systems and districts to help them share data in a FERPA-compliant manner.

What do they use it for?

The beauty of Maxient is that it provides centralized reporting and recordkeeping for all things relative to conduct at your institution. Usually, this includes traditional student conduct or “judicial affairs”, academic integrity, mediation, restorative justice, threat assessment, CARE, behavioral intervention, and even just “FYI” issues. Maxient serves as an integral component of many schools overall early alert efforts, helping to identify students in distress and coordinate the efforts of various departments to provide follow-up.

How much do the add-ons cost?

Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  We don’t do add-ons.  We don’t do modules.  Why?  Because we don’t believe in nickel and diming.  It’s a rare day when a school buys our software planning to use every part of it from Day One.  Last time we checked, your budget doesn’t always grow proportionally with your needs.  We want Maxient to grow with your needs, without requiring that your wallet grow too!

Once you buy the software you get everything that comes with it.  That includes the ability to track behavioral intervention cases, collect and run Clery Report numbers, maintain watch lists of specific students, and online incident reporting.  That includes full support, assistance with writing custom reports, and integration of a full data feed from your student information system.

In their words….

"We have been incredibly pleased with the Maxient product and the exemplary level of service and support received from the company. Our primary users of the system find it be incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. In fact, the ease of use of the program allows us to focus our energy in our one on one educational interactions with students, rather than in data entry. The staff has been very responsive to our needs and is quick to incorporate our feedback and suggestions for product improvement whenever appropriate. We thoroughly researched multiple companies before we made the decision to go with Maxient and they have exceeded our expectations in both quality and service."

Sandi Scott Duex
Director of Residence Life
University of Wisconsin - River Falls